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35x Improvement
In Checkout Conversion

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  Case Study  

Before Working with Us

​Sales: Sparse and unpredictable.

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): Struggling at an average of 1X.

Repeat Customers: Limited, indicating a lack of brand loyalty.

Product Page Traffic: Average, often overshadowed by competitors.

Checkout Conversion Rate: Lower than industry average.

Reviews: A mix of positive and negative feedback, with slower accumulation rate.

Organic Keyword Ranking: Barely making it to the top 50 for main keywords.

Click-through Rate (CTR) for Ads: Below benchmark levels.

After Working with Us

Sales: Surge to over $340k in just the first 2 months.

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): Skyrocketed to an impressive 15X.

Repeat Customers: Jumped by 10%, signaling stronger brand loyalty.

Product Page Traffic: Soared by 120%, ensuring better visibility.

Checkout Conversion Rate: Climbed by 35%, indicating a compelling shopping journey.

Reviews: Rapidly garnered 300+ positive feedbacks, amplifying trustworthiness.

Organic Keyword Ranking: Bolstered by 80%, prominently positioning Ecoxall in searches.

Ads Click-through Rate (CTR) : Grew 25%, proving the resonance of our ad strategies.

Acquired 1,000+
Positive Reviews, in Record Timing



  Case Study  

Before Working with Us

Revenue Recovery: Negligible, with missed opportunities rife.

Customer Retention: A daunting challenge with limited repeat purchases.

Email Marketing: Low open and click-through rates.

Organic Search Ranking: Lost amidst competition, barely touching the top 100 for main keywords.

Product Reviews: A slow trickle with muted customer voices.

Ad Efficiency: High spend with minimal returns, pointing to misguided strategies.

Cart Abandonment: A concerning rate of 50%, signaling friction in the buying process.

After Working with Us

Revenue Recovery: Phenomenal with over $210,000 recaptured.

Customer Retention: Saw a leap of 15%, manifesting brand loyalty.

Email Marketing: Open rates boosted by 20%, and click-through rates by 30%.

Organic Search Ranking: A meteoric rise, touching the top 20 for main keywords.

Product Reviews: 1,000+ positive reviews acquired in record time, building substantial trust.

Ad Efficiency: Reduced spend with 3X higher conversions, reflecting optimized ad targeting.

Cart Abandonment: Reduced dramatically to just 20%, indicating a smoother checkout process.

Refining Through Real-world Feedback

A/B Split Testing

Empirical evidence trumps gut feeling. Our rigorous A/B testing ensures that every element of your listing is fine-tuned for optimum performance.


Brand Experiments: Scientifically test different listing elements to find the combination that maximizes conversions.

Exclusive Amazon Polls: Harness insights from our network of 1000+ Amazon members, gauging real-world perceptions and preferences to refine your visuals for top performance.

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Ad 2.jpg

Maximizing Impact with Targeted

PPC Management:

Nail your brand's presence with our expert PPC management. We craft campaigns that don't just reach — they resonate. Through precise data analysis and strategic optimization, we turn your ad budget into an investment with tangible returns.


4037 Lafayette Place

Culver City, CA, 90232

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